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Version 1.1.2, releases

| Added: 28 April 2016 | Updated: 28 April 2016
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This version (1.1.2) includes database reindexing, improved delete patterns and a fix for bundle items when the same product_code exists in many bundle items that are added to an order.

+ The database has been reindexed by making primary keys to clustered indexes and indexes has been added to tables.
+ Improved delete patterns to make it easier to delete customers, options and products.
+ Changed the primary key for order_rows to include sort_order, this makes it possible to have the same product_code on many rows in an order.
+ Updated Nuget packages.

You can download a WebPI application package of this version by clicking on the link below. A WebPI application package can be installed from the IIS Manager, create a new website (or use an existing website) and click on the "Import Application.." link in the right-side menu.

# Download version 1.1.2 as a WebPI application package